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Bad Food Habits

Avoid trans-fatty, processed, hydrogenated oils. They are ubiquitous in fast and slow food restaurants. Don’t use them for cooking or salad dressings. Yes, they’re less expensive, but they’ve been processed only for creating a longer shelf life, while shortening your time above ground.

They’re known to shorten chromosomal telomeres, which increases cellular ageing. Margarine is among them. You might as well use molten plastic, because plastic and margarine have molecular similarities. We recommend Hippocrates Pure Food-Grade Coconut Oil.

Avoid refined sugar. It creates blood sugar spikes that ultimately affect your insulin response, leading to obesity and diabetes. It creates an oxidation process that, ironically, creates AGEs (advanced glycation end products.)

Artificial sweeteners are worse. Ignore the aspartame and diet soda trap. Simply avoid all sodas. Aspartame is a neuron excitotoxin that can excite brain cells to death, putting you on the path to dementia or even brain cancer.

Likewise MSG, which is in most quick and easy processed foods and snacks.

Shun high fructose corn syrup (HFCS or “corn syrup”) by avoiding sodas, packaged fruit juices, pastries and lollies.

Avoid wheat and soy in all forms. If you consume refined wheat breads, pastas, and pizzas, you might as well be gulping down handfuls of sugar.

Don’t eat under pressure. If you’re in a hurry and hungry, grab an apple or banana to satisfy your craving until it’s appropriate to sit down and eat comfortably, chewing well.

The mouth is where digestion begins. So savour every bite while chewing well and allowing salivary digestive enzymes to accumulate before the food slips into your esophagus.

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