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Lose Weight Permanently

Most of us have dieted to lose extra weight. We spend billions of dollars every year on diet products and diet programs in the hope that we will get the help and the lasting results we want. Unfortunately 2/3 or more of dieters not only gain back the weight they have lost on their diet, but most end up heavier than their pre-diet weight. This happens because diet programs eliminate foods that are essential to the health and vitality of the human body; fat, protein, and carbohydrates. Depriving ourselves of one or more of these staples for long periods of time causes the body stress, and stress causes the same chemical and hormonal imbalances as famine.

Our bodies are hard-wired with a “Feast or Famine” switch. It is a built-in protection that helps us survive in different conditions and environments. In times of stress or famine our bodies will use its stores to repair cells, heal sickness and injury and perform daily tasks. However, when the time of stress or famine passes the body will replace what it has used, and, depending on the severity and length of the deprivation, it will take on more to protect itself from the next famine.

We now have more food available to us than ever before. Over-processed, nutrient-deficient, cheap white food. We are overfed but starving to death and our physical and mental health is suffering. Until the last 100 years or so, we as humans were hunters, gatherers, and gardeners, eating the most natural and nutrient-packed foods available. Berries, nuts, seeds, fruits, vegetables, grains, and legumes were the majority of the human diet. We have lost the true understanding of what our diet should be, and what our body really needs to be healthy and happy.

If you are trying to lose weight and have struggled with diet programs, try a different approach. Stop the deprivation and feed yourself! Start by replacing the processed foods in your diet with fresh fruits and vegetables, sprouted/soaked grains, nuts, seeds and legumes. Push out the empty calories, give your body the nutrients it needs and end the famine. When your body trusts that it is no longer in danger, it will let go of the excess and naturally cleanse in the process.

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