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Coconut Oil is Good for You

If you could make one change in your current diet that would positively affect all other areas of your life, would you do it? If you knew that just three tablespoons of a saturated fat would positively benefit your current health condition, would you take those three tablespoons of medicine?

The secret fountain of youth, of health and longevity, has been located. No, it`s not actually water, but the fountain-like tree of the Coconut Palm or Cocos nucifera, which is a member of the Arecaceae family.

Many common products and foods are derived from the palm family. In fact, all through history palms have become symbols of life, victory, peace, fertility, and sustenance. The Coconut Palm, in particular, is often called the tree of life in the many cultures which rely on it for sustenance. Virtually every part of the Coconut Palm is used for something – from roof thatch to boats, from clothing to firewood, from garden mulch to a variety of culinary uses. In Sanskrit the name is kalpa vriksha, which means “the tree that provides all necessities of life.” Malays refer to it as pokok seribu guna, or “tree of a thousand uses.” In the Philippines, the coconut is affectionately termed “the tree of life.”

If you were to take a look at the countries in which coconut oil and milk are staples of the diet, you would notice that those people who have not adopted any part of the Western diet are beautiful and robust. If you were to take a trip to Sri Lanka, where coconut products are used in every meal and the population consumes an average of 120 coconuts per year, you would notice the health and fitness of the inhabitants. A little more research would show you that merely one or two Sri Lankan deaths of every 1,000 are attributed to heart disease, compared to heart disease in America, which contributes to nearly half of all deaths.

Other countries which rely heavily on coconut include most parts of India, the Philippines, and most islands of the Pacific. You would notice that these people who have not adopted the modern Western diet – which contains unsaturated margarine and vegetable oils – and who consume the saturated fat found in coconut oil – also have low instances of any major illnesses. Heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, obesity and many other common complaints of the Western world are virtually nonexistent.

Make no mistake; this article is not discussing hydrogenated coconut oil. Refined and/or hydrogenated coconut oil, like other refined or hydrogenated oils, should never be consumed. Refined or hydrogenated oils of any kind contain harmful metals and toxins as well as nonmetabolizable and indigestible fats, which promote disease. When you hear reports about studies which claim that coconut oil does raise cholesterol levels and promote heart disease, they are leaving out the crucial point that the studies were done with hydrogenated coconut oil.

No, this article is discussing pure, unrefined, organic, unhydrogenated coconut oil. Dozens of studies over the past few decades have shown that natural organic extra virgin coconut oil has no adverse effects on cholesterol levels. In fact, researchers have found quite the opposite is true. The fact is, if unrefined coconut oil was the cause of disease, then these countries that rely heavily on it would show evidence of disease. In reality, quite the opposite is true.

Unfortunately, the fallacy of the reported negative research has confused misinformed writers, healthcare professionals, and the public. While the reports were accurate, the conveyed information failed to mention that refined and hydrogenated coconut oil was used in the studies, which developed diseases in the participants. This problem is compounded because writers recite and repeat others’ false statements. If the public and health care professionals were only to read the new research and the full reports, they would find that they were in the dark ages of nutritional knowledge. So, if you hear about negative aspects of coconut oil and product, realize that the person is misinformed and kindly do some research of your own.

On the other hand, research performed with unrefined coconut oils resulted in some amazing findings. People who consumed the unrefined and non-hydrogenated coconut oils were healthier at the end of the study than those who consumed the refined and hydrogenated coconut and/or vegetable oils or a low fat diet. Manufacturers have become so pleased with the health benefits of coconut oil that they have begun to use it as a “secret” ingredient in their baby formulas and adult nutrition formulas used in hospitals for tube feeding. Research has now confirmed that coconut oil is one of the most nutritious and healthful foods available. It is recommended to everyone, including those with health problems, to include unrefined coconut oil into their diets daily.

While coconuts are called nuts, they are not actually nuts. Rather, they are the monocot seed of the palm family. It is rare that anyone has allergies or adverse reactions to the coconut. However, many report the positive reactions they have felt from the coconut. Those who have diabetes have reported lower blood sugar counts. Those who have high cholesterol have reported lowered cholesterol. Those who experience lethargy or low body temperatures have reported their energy levels rising and their body temperature normalizing.

Even those experiencing common addictions have reported quitting smoking and drinking without even realizing it. The obese have reported a reduction in food cravings and weight loss of around one kg per week.

How much do you need to take to receive health benefits? We recommend 30ml per day. Of course, you can feel free to consume far more than that. Coconut oil is heat-stable oil. You can cook with it, low temperature stir-fry with it, bake with it and even eat it right out of the jar. It is a delicious butter replacement and melts easily. It adds a delicious, light flavor to everything it complements.

Since it is solid at temperatures below 23°c, and liquid at higher temperatures, it is shelf stable for years. So, go ahead, replace your butter and cooking oil. You can even replace your favorite skin cream and lotion. Coconut oil is an excellent moisturizer and provides excellent health benefits, both outside and in.

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