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Coconut Oil for Clean Air

Coconut oil has gained recognition as a safe and natural product with a multitude of uses. It has proven valuable in treating a variety of health concerns ranging from psoriasis to obesity. Coconut oil is used in food preparation and as a skin lotion, sun block, healing salve, lip moisturiser, hair conditioner, and dietary supplement. It’s also a primary ingredient in many soaps, lotions, and beauty products.

Another remarkable benefit is that it can help protect the lungs from the dangers of air pollution. How can it accomplish this incredible feat? It can do this as a fuel additive or fuel replacement to power automobiles and generators. Coconut oil is an amazingly clean source of energy that can significantly reduce air pollution. The technical feasibility of using coconut oil in diesel engines has been successfully demonstrated in trials in many Asian and Pacific countries. The use of coconut oil in diesel engines is not new. Vegetable oils have been used to power diesels for years. In fact, the inventor Rudof Diesel ran his original engine on peanut oil.

Coconut oil has been used periodically throughout the South Pacific foe decades. It was used extensively in the Philippines during the Second World War when diesel was in short supply. Since then, the wide availability of diesel throughout the world and difficulties in running engines on coconut oil in cooler weather virtually ended its use in this way. In recent years, however, there has been a revival of interest. This is due to the growing demand for fuel, frequent shortages, and increasing energy prices. There are also concerns about environmental pollution cause by the use of petroleum.

You may use Hippocrates Pure Food-Grade Coconut Oil for any purpose:
Cooking, moisturising skin, massage, etc. Hippocrates Pure Food-Grade Coconut Oil is: Extra Virgin Organic Cold-Pressed Unrefined Unbleached Unhydrogenated Undeodorised