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Coconut Oil and Alzheimer’s

A remarkable reversal of a serious Alzheimer`s problem by ingesting coconut oil daily: Dr. Mary Newport of Spring Hill, Florida, had her husband Steve get off pharmaceutical Alzheimer`s drugs, since his condition and drug side effects continued to worsen.

Mary helped Steve volunteer for a promising Alzheimer’s drug trial, but not in time to be accepted. She then researched the new drug and discovered it was a pharmaceutical version of Medium Chain Triglycerides, naturally found in coconut oil.

MCTs are easier to digest than other types of fats. They require less bile and enzyme action for intestinal absorption, and they are metabolized quickly in the liver. Therefore, MCTs expend energy more rapidly and strongly, with less fat storing in the blood and tissues.

Metabolizing MCTs creates ketones. Recent research, which led to Big Pharma`s attempt to duplicate naturally occurring MCTs, has shown that ketones help protect against Alzheimer`s, even reverse it. Compared to Big Pharma`s synthetic version of MCT oil, naturally sourced ketones remain in the body over twice as long.

So Mary Newport`s investigation led her to a less expensive solution for her husband without the side effects of a pharmaceutical. Her sharing of the information benefits all of us.
For decades, coconut oil has been demonized by the food processing industry in their constant efforts to lower their costs, boost profit margins, and create longer shelf life by using hydrogenated oils, including margarine, canola and soy oil. Now, smart consumers worldwide, such as Steve and Mary Newport, are experiencing the amazing benefits of natural coconut oil.

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