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Be Sun-Safe

Get the right amount of sun for you.

Every person has different skin. We all live in different places. We all need different exposure times. We recommend you expose your naked skin for half the time required to turn pink. This way, you won’t burn and you’ll produce vitamin D. This amount of time is going to be different for everyone.

The more skin you can expose, the more vitamin D you will produce.

Don’t settle for exposing just your legs and arms. Take your shirt off or wear your bathing suit if you can. This way, you can produce much more vitamin D in a shorter amount of time. Again, don’t bake. Follow the first principle.

Don’t use sunscreen.

Sunscreen doesn’t allow your body to produce as much vitamin D as it wants to, and its toxic chemicals can enter your blood screen easily through the skin.

Cover up.

Got some sun exposure? Good. Now cover up with clothing or shade. It’s important not to burn!

And, if your skin does need lubrication, we recommend Hippocrates Pure Organic Coconut Oil