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Vitamix Pays for Itself

Money is tight in our family. When we decided to purchase a VitaMix, we hesitantly took money out of a savings account to purchase a 5200 a year ago. We gambled on the possibility that the cost of the VitaMix would pay for itself by increasing our intake of healthy food and decreasing our need for traditional medical care. As it turns out, that was a good bet and one that we’re grateful we took.

We know that our results are not typical and that VitaMix does not promise any specific health benefits from changing your nutritional habits. But for us, the VitaMix helped us change our nutritional habits and impact our heath. In just one year, our family diet has changed from frozen meals and canned goods to green smoothies, sugar-free ice cream, preservative-free dressings, fresh hummus dips, and much more. During this year my husband has lost 30 pounds and cut his cholesterol medication dose in half. My preschooler went from regular ear infections and asthma flare-ups to having no need for antibiotics or inhalers. My toddler went from having a virus every few weeks to an occasional, mild cold. These changes all started when we purchased the VitaMix.

Our decision to purchase the VitaMix was a wise one indeed! Thank you, VitaMix employees, for doing what you do well and for being a stepping stone to help people regain and maintain their health!

Remember – The VitaMix alone does not cure diseases and its use is not recommended as a replacement for medical care. VitamMx makes no health or weight loss claims attributable solely to the use of a VitaMix machine. A VitaMix machine, can and is, however, frequently used to assist users in accomplishing nutritional goals.

 Kim Bassett, Tennessee