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The Perfect Golden Anniversary Gift

My husband and I purchased our VitaMix in 2008 because we were concerned about the food we ate, our health, and maintaining it for the future. The VitaMix makes it so easy and convenient for us to get the best nutrition from all the fruits and vegetables we eat and enjoy.

But that is only the beginning…

This year marked my in-laws’ 50th anniversary. They have always been a loving couple, but also lead private lives now that they are retired. They live in South Park, Colorado, about 10 miles from the closest town. There, they built a gorgeous cabin on 40 acres and rely strictly on solar power and wind-generated energy.

Whenever we ask them for gift ideas, they tell us that they have everything they need. We really needed to use our imaginations this time to find a gift worthy of the occasion. Neither of my husband’s folks have fancy tastes. They have a lovely home with beautiful comforts surrounding them that suit them just fine. But this was their golden anniversary. The gift had to be something that was very high quality but not eccentric and absolutely had to be practical. In other words, we were looking for the perfect gift.

About two months after their anniversary (that’s right, we still hadn’t come up with the perfect gift…) Mom and Dad came to visit us and the grandkids here in Las Vegas. After a couple of wonderful days with them, we realized how much we really enjoyed being with them and what their continued health and vitality would mean to the family well into the future. That’s when it hit us! VitaMix!

We knew the VitaMix would be the perfect choice, but they probably wouldn’t want to accept, and may not have understood how to use it to eat a healthier diet, unless they could see a demonstration and taste the wonderful recipes created with a VitaMix. Also, since they live off the grid, Dad is always concerned with how much power things use. Se we took them to Costco, hoping that a VitaMix demonstration was scheduled for that weekend, and it was!

We all watched and tasted and even got over the one hurdle that could have been the deal breaker: how much energy the machine would require. The demonstrator shared that since it takes only minutes to actually cook hot foods and less than that for cold, the VitaMix would actually save power as compared to a stove, an oven, or even a regular blender.

My husband and I are so pleased to say that we bought the perfect 50th wedding anniversary gift for our parents, and they enjoy using it almost every day!

That means they can prepare healthier food that may keep them around a while longer and enable them to enjoy their golden years with health and vitality. And that, my friends at VitaMix, is priceless!

Kevin and Becky Helms, Nevada