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Restaurant Owners Choose Vitamix

Six years ago I opened Franktuary, a restaurant in downtown Pittsburgh, and bought two VitaMixes. Little did I know the significance of that decision at the time.

When I first became a VitaMix owner, I remember thinking, “I must be crazy to spend this much on a couple of blenders.” In spite of this misgiving, I went through with my purchase. After all, I had observed many large restaurant chains exclusively using VitaMix blenders and assumed there was a reason for this pattern.

My two blenders have been used heavily since 2004, and not once have they caused a problem. While many other pieces of Franktuary’s commercial equipment have needed to be replaced, my VitaMix blenders continue to do what they were designed to do as well as they did on the day I bought them. Looking back, I now know exactly why so many restaurant operators choose VitaMix; becoming one of them is a decision I do not regret.

A few years went by before I took the plunge and bought a separate VitaMix machine for personal use. Once again, I found myself on the fence about the cost. However, in 2007 I was diagnosed with a chronic digestive condition known as Crohn’s Disease. This situation provided more than enough motivation for me to bring a VitaMix blender into my home. It also caused me to lament not having done so sooner.

I choose to manage Crohn’s Disease with a holistic approach and my personal VitaMix unit has been instrumental in enabling that choice. To emerge from a diagnosis like mine both medication-free and in good health requires a commitment to significant lifestyle changes. Many of these alterations have to do with eating habits, and the VitaMix allows for those to occur with as much ease as possible.

I have no doubt that my health would not be as good today if I had never become familiar with the VitaMix brand. Because I think so highly of the company, if I ever work outside of my own company, I will count VitaMix among the organizations for which I most desire to be employed. Thank you, Vitamix!

 Tim Tobitsch, Pennsylvania