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Gluten Glues Up My Guts

I’ve avoided cooked wheat for years, but sprouted grains don’t seem to bother me. Then, the other day in a grocery, I sampled a strawberry shortcake. The amount of cake was about a teaspoon…well maybe two teaspoons, because I had two. In truth, I... read more
Go Green

Go Green

One of the most powerful life-giving substances on the planet is chlorophyll. This is the pigment that gives green. foods (such as wheatgrass) their colour. Chlorophyll is the major player in the photosynthetic process that allows plants to obtain energy from light by... read more

A Remarkable Wheatgrass Juice Success Story

A health turning point happened in February and March 2009 within my family. Here are the real stories of the truly amazing cleansing and detoxifying effects of wheatgrass juice. It started with my sister in October 2008. She could feel a lump in her belly and she had... read more

Acid/ Alkaline and Your Health

” Drink your milk!” has been a common (and erroneous) adage to build healthy bones. Milk actually contributes to an acidic environment in the body, and acidic environments in the body actually create weak bones and create an optimal environment for... read more