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A Remarkable Wheatgrass Juice Success Story

A health turning point happened in February and March 2009 within my family. Here are the real stories of the truly amazing cleansing and detoxifying effects of wheatgrass juice.

It started with my sister in October 2008. She could feel a lump in her belly and she had heavy brownish discharge with foul odour that required her to wear sanitary pads. She went to see her GP and there was too much mucus in the discharge that the GP could not find anything and nothing was done till February 2009, when I demonstrated to her how to grow wheatgrass and to juice it. Within a couple of days, the discharge was no longer and she continued to drink wheatgrass juice. A week later the lump in her belly disappeared. When she stopped drinking the wheatgrass juice while she was waiting for the wheatgrass to grow, the discharge returned. She also finds lately that wheatgrass juice helps her diabetes. It has lowered her blood sugar level to under 6 which she never had before.

My mum was 81 when she had a triple by-pass cardiac surgery and a mitral valve replacement in September 2008. In early March 2009, she had been passing lots of blood in her urine (haematuria) , and was admitted to the hospital emergency with shortness of breath. The results of both the ultra-sound and CT scan reports identified a bladder tumour which was a 2cm bladder wall polyp inside the left side of her bladder very close to the ureter (vesico-ureteric obstruction). There was also a 12mm thickening build up on the right side of the bladder wall (hydronephrosis) . The urologist told her that the polyp inside the bladder caused the bleeding and she needed a biopsy and a surgery to remove it. My mum was scheduled for cystoscopy on 25 March 2009. A week before the surgery she went to the hospital for pre-surgery tests. So we started giving mum the wheatgrass juice every day and the bleeding stopped and a lot of brown deposit was also passed with the urine. During the surgery, a camera was inserted into the bladder and it showed that the tumour was no longer near the ureter but was reduced to a a spot embedded on the surface which was burned instead of removing with a knife. The test found that it was a superficial cancer. The 12mm thickening build up on the right side of the bladder wall was no longer there. The doctor could only explain to us that the ultra-sound and the CT scan were not always accurate.

Witnessing mum’s story, the family now is very interested in wheatgrass juice. My brother-in-law tried the wheatgrass juice for the first time. He had a pimple like growth on his head for at least ten years. It was swollen and red and it bled when it was scratched. His hairdresser had to take extra care not to touch it. Within 3 days of drinking the wheatgrass juice, he noticed the pimple like growth on his head is no longer swollen and became flat on the surface of his scalp. He now wants to introduce wheatgrass juice to his brother who is having chemotherapy for his cancer.

I am forever grateful to the Hippocrates Health Centre for the information and knowledge I can pass on, and help others.