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Heart specialist and patient

My Recent Experience With a Heart Specialist

This is a summary of my most recent, non- self organized, visit to Cardiologist Dr Card, on 25 March 2021. I was referred to a heart specialist Dr Card by Dr G.P., about 6 or 7 years ago after he had wrongly diagnosed my left eye bleed as a stroke and treated me for high blood pressure, with lots of tablets, over many years. At present I do not take any tablets and my eye has almost healed, except for blurred vision; but the 30% blackness has all gone and I have told the Dr that his diagnosis was incorrect, and that I had ceased taking tablets which were having many serious side effects.Dr Card had methodically endorsed the need for tablets and scared me into accepting a pacemaker, inserted by his colleague Dr Swalle who insists on ongoing annual checkups with him who only tells me how well I am going and that the battery will last another 11 years or whatever, not much, for a large fee!

So after a large amount of financial payouts; I have reachd the stage, where the medical profession have virtually confirmed that they have ripped me off unnecessarilly, just for their own gains, although,I guess they thought they were being helpful as that is what they have been taught; nothing about health.

Yesterday, my checkup involved an ECG test before THE Dr Card visit whose soul efforts included—

01 Making no mention of the ECG results (which I had found out from the Technician, were very good).

02 Took my blood pressure over my clothing very casually and declared the result as 165/90; which I remembered he had done exactly the same thing and same numbers, as he had done on each visit previously, for a few years at least (when I got home, less than 10 minutes walk; I checked and it was 205/85.) I had previously tried to talk to him about the weaknesses in the statistical methodology they used and they should allow for various factors. He would not discuss it and talked his way around it. Yesterday HE SAID, “TO BE HONEST WITH YOU WE DON’T KNOW WHAT NUMBERS WE SHOULD APPLY TO YOUR AGE GROUP” and again would not talk about my queries , such as why they use numbers unconditionally, which are an average made up by including age groups such as 20 year olds and 90 year olds, as well as healthy and sick people, etc.. We engineers would have been sacked if we had been stupid enough to use such methodology. It would be like accepting the prevailing wind direction by averaging all Victorian or Eastern Australia, winds to get the direction for a Melbourne runway !!!!!

When our brief appointment time had elapsed and he had done nothing worthwhile, except to tear up a script he had presumed I would need until I reminded him twice that I really was not taking any tablets and for him to ask when was the last time I had a blood test, when I told him I had no recent tests, he said ,but you are taking blood thinner tablets so you should be having blood tests ( a viscous circle). By that time he was obviously unwilling to suggest any form of return visit checkup; I suggested that I call him if I needed to see him, he jumped at the chance to agree and hasten me out ; to the desk for me to pay $195…….

At least Dr G.P. has enough conscience to appear contrite when I told him I thought his diagnosis was wrong and that I had stopped tablet taking; where as Dr Card said ” WHAT; WITHOUT DISCUSSING IT WITH ME FIRST?” when I first told him that I had stopped taking tablets, because of the harm they were doing me. As if he had total control of my body. ?????

I am not against the Medical Profession; but I am against the dangerous way they have been trained and given such assumed power over the public.They have assumed control over public health; whereas I understand they are only taught about sickness, not health. They are pretty good in treating sickness and injuries; but not health which is a great sadness.

I am now of the firm belief that if I had not decided to escape from the control of the Medicos and for me to call the shots; I would now be habitated in an Aged Care Facility (or worse). This again endorses my clear understanding that being healthy equips a person to have the confidence to operate with the Medical Profession on the consultation basis as was originally intended; rather than have them in control as at present occurs in most cases. It will be interesting to see what the future brings, as I know, of course, I will deteriorate further till the end…….

Graham Williams, who is 95 years of age is firmly of the opinion ( based on years of first hand experience) The HEALTHIER WE ARE; THE MORE CONFIDENCE WE HAVE TO LIVE WITH THE MEDICAL INDUSTRY IN THE MOST APPROPRIATE AND USEFUL MANNER POSSIBLE !!!!(as was originally intended) Hence we procure a more effective immune system and therefore a very reduced need for the Medicos and a much more prosperous lifelihood, etc,.Once the Medical Industry have control of you, it becomes a viscious circle. Tablets to fix a problem and then more tablets to fix the side effects of the tablets …etc.. NOT suggesting that we live like this …. and you will get healthiy again which was the system before the huge pharmaceutical companies were allowed to TAKE. CONTROL of the HEALTH OF THE PUBLIC. ???..