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Consulting Doctor

Many Medical Errors

I went to the Drs to ge a vitamin regime made just for me

I didn’t notice much difference after taking the expensive vitamin mix.

Then my Dr says that she thinks I have Bowel cancer.

I had always had low iron.

I was vegan Vega and I figured that was me.

The Dr ignores this fact and sends of a specialist referral which was not for further investigation.

It was like a hex.

Bowel cancer screen negative.

I also had a ultra sound for a breath cyst which the Drs insisted needing biopsy. I have since used Paida to move the cyst.

My mother was advised by her GP that she had genital herpes

She did not

Causing much angst


I have worked in health as a clinician for some 30+ years

Feeling like a hypocrite

I work in Mental Health where the Drs decide what a person has then against their will enforce expensive medication with no proof of efficacy.

Have always loved and followe d Drs are dangerous

Cass G