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Children in school classroom


I grew up with alot of energy.

I grew up in the Wild forests of Stewart island where I had freedom to run through the forest and climb the trees with my siblings .About the time I was forced to go to school and sit down and behave just like everyone else. I wasn’t able to understand why they were punishing us like this it all seemed crazy .Well we are all very uniquely different so this kind of school system failed me. My story – My loving mother was told after alot of community pressure and then by some of the most prestigious Dr’s of the 80s that I had hyperactive problems i needed fixed. Rather than get me on a healthy diet and rebalance my differences They injected gels into my scalp as a 6 year old and scanned my brain , with cords everywhere the pain of these injections at that age was unbearable. They got me to do all sorts of experiments and puzzles working out my intelligence and how my brain responded to there Ritalin pills they gave me to destroy my energy levels and basically turned me into a zombie it worked the teachers said he was a delight he hardly said a thing my dad did not want this at all but my mum very much trusted the Drs at the time. Little did anyone think because I was forced to go on A grade drugs that destroy your brain and liver over time. I started wetting the bed at about 7 years old no one through that it was 6 months after I started taking Ritalin daily. I started to get sleep problems around then also and at 8 they chopped my tonsils and agnoids out.

Every time they forced there knife upon me or drugs and antibiotics things got worse.

No one was connecting the dots.

As I got older I was getting put in a box your just a bad egg your such a bad child, you will never become anything good after time you believe it you start mimicking all you know. You see movie’s what do bad men do oh I see that’s me follow!.

Alcohol next fighting, cars and so on.

I was very lucky at the age of 24 I was playing rugby and boxing to keep me out of trouble however I was still suffering from life I went to 3 different doctor’s that all said it’s in your head your blood is fine I had yellow skin, depressed, joint problems, back problems, drinking problems, sleeping problems and more.

My luck was I’ve always had something inside me that new there is a way through this mess so i got this message inside my heart! it’s my diet bam ok I managed to stumble across a holistic healer I booked a 5 meeting program and she asked me every thing , my family health history grandparents, mum ,dad and myself. She done a living blood test and told me what she sees for the first time in my life I new she really cared for me the first session went for 1.5 hours.

She put me on a diet program and 3 months later I was a different man. Most of my problems had gone. The diet was only real food heaps of vegetables and salads a-little protein and healthy fats clean water and think of the good things in life.

I’m now 38 And I want to thank all the good hearted people out there helping people to show them the light through this interesting world there is always away.

Now I’m a chef and a traditional herbalist I’m always trying to help others to the same path always for free and I have become something good and I’m very happy.

This bad boy has turned it all around and now I stand strongly in the light to help the ones that need help to protect the ones that need protection to learn to teach and to staunchly speak my truth through my own lesions. Thank you.