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Body Toxicity

Body Toxicity

I don’t have a spectacular story of my own, but I do have one that nearly killed me, as well as another from one of my clients.

I ( and a handful of fellow-therapists) run a cancer reversal program that has a very high success rate, especially with people who haven’t had slash-burn-poison therapies.

Here’s my story:

In the 1990’s I saw a doctor (MD) for large, swollen purple patches on my elbows, knuckles and knees. They were tender to the touch and impeded my mobility. This could easily have evolved into full-blown arthritis, cancer, or any of the other lifestyle-driven chronic diseases.

I have since discovered they were a symptom of high toxicity in my body. No cream, salve or pill could alleviate the pain.

Ironically, this doctor was a wonderfully kind man, one who gave me all the time I needed for an evening consultation.

When he discovered I was his daughter’s biology teacher he wanted to strike a deal with me; could I arrange for his son to be in my class the following school year, as his daughter was having a ball with the variety of dissections we were doing, and his son was very envious. I’m saying this to highlight the fact that he wanted to prescribe the very best thing he could pluck from his repertoire. In addition, “Come back anytime you wish”, he said, and don’t wait. Ask the nurse to tell me you’re there and I’ll have you at the head of the queue”. I thanked him, though I would never have jumped the queue!

He prescribed Celebrex!

When the pharmacist saw the prescription and the allergy indicated, she pulled me aside and said “Jacquelyn, you’re allergic to apple juice. (The only weird thing I am allergic to. One gulp and I instantly develop anaphylactic shock. Anyone seeing me would call 911). You could die with the first dose. I would advise against it. I’ll call your doctor tomorrow and let him know why it’s contra-indicated”.

I’m telling this story because I believe not all doctors are callous, uncaring and downright indifferent. Many are, but the common denominator, in my experience, is that, all too often, their product knowledge is woefully scant. It’s basically what the smarmy pharma representatives tout in their colourful brochures. Alas, we are brought up to see the doctor for healthcare, when they are trained to do trauma care, and peddle drugs for profit. Had that well-meaning doctor checked my file, would he even have known about the potential drug interaction? Shortly after that I went back to thank the pharmacist after discovering the following:

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On a lighter note, I subsequently went to a holistic dentist to have my mercury fillings removed, and when he saw my allergy to apple juice (which I drank copious amounts of problem-free as a child) he shook my hand and whispered “has anyone ever called you crazy?” I nodded. He was so happy to find a kindred spirit. He’d been called crazy more times than he could remember. I later deduced the problem was not the apples, but the pesticides.

That was when I started doing my own research. Today I am a holistic therapist and Health Coach, doing full-body terrain regeneration, which results in the obliteration of cancer.

Woman presenting to audience

Now, here’s a horror story from one of my clients:

She was an executive in a prominent company, and used to give presentations regularly to employees and clients in her organization.

She had throat cancer, and was being overseen by oncologists in a prominent cancer center. She signed the papers for an operation to remove the polyps/growths in her throat.

When she emerged from the theatre she discovered they had removed 1/3 of her tongue. Without her permission.

She had lost the ability to speak. (Remember what her role was in the company) That was when she decided she would never, ever, go under the knife again.

We worked on her terrain, and all the tests showed improvements in key areas. She had to be fed via a G-tube. She ingeniously found a way of grinding the herbals so finely that she could insert them in the G-tube. She had to communicate with a tablet on a tray attached to her wheelchair. Never did a complaint escape her lips or tablet.

I found two surgeons in the US who did tongue transplants, and she was thrilled at the prospect of possibly regaining the ability to speak. The lady was an inspiration. I was constantly humbled by her extraordinary courage. She was one of a kind.

After several months she emailed me to say she “had” to see the oncologist one more time for test results of some sort, and could we change the regular appointment. She’d keep me posted.

That evening her in-house caregiver called me to say this intrepid lady had passed away. Imagine my shock and disbelief.

The doctor in question had asked her, in the presence of her interpreter, why she was bothering with all that hocus-pocus herbal stuff. She was, after all, going to die anyway.

According to her aide, the stalwart, admirable lady went home, sat on a sofa, turned her face to the wall and went to heaven.

I grieve for this beautiful soul to this very day.

My very best wishes to all of you as you continue blessing many with the gift of health.

Respectfully submitted,