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Distressed woman


I don’t have the fight to go on anymore. 2 years I Cold Turkey off Klonopin and have severe mental/inner akathisia, racing thoughts, looping. I have many many looping thoughts in my head all at once.

My brain will just think of something and attach fear to it and it just loops in my mind. I was put on Remeron 15mg 8 months off benzos and I have been tapering off of it since April 2020. I am at 7mg from 15mg but I just want to cold turkey it because it does nothing to help and has only made me worse.

I am completely non-functional and a burden to my family. I don’t know many as severe as this. I cannot put into words with my thoughts and mind have been like 24/7 for 2 years.

I’m done fighting. I just get worse.