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Why Are Antidepressants So Harmful?

Exploring the common side effects of SSRIs and the nightmare of quitting them.

• SSRI antidepressants are one of the most harmful medications on the market, and because of just how many people they are given to (often for no good reason) they have had a profound effect on the consciousness of our entire society.

• This article will review some of the more common side effects of SSRIs (and SNRIs), such as becoming numb to life, becoming severely agitated and imbalanced (sometimes to the point one becomes violently psychotic), losing your mind, losing the ability to have sex, and the development of birth defects.

• Unfortunately, due to widespread denial in psychiatry about the issues with their drugs the common SSRI side effects are often misinterpreted as a sign the individual had a pre-existing mental illness and needs more of the drug—which all too often then leads to catastrophic events for the over-medicated patient.

• Like many other stimulant drugs (e.g., cocaine) SSRIs are highly addictive. Because of this, patients will get severely ill when they attempt to stop them (withdrawals affect roughly half of SSRI users) and it is often extremely difficult to withdraw from them. In this article, I will cover the approaches I know for that since very few resources exist for people in that situation.

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