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Our Long War Against the Covidian Oppressor.

We’re in a long war. I’ve written about many aspects of the struggle in a variety of essays and articles, drawing primarily upon my own personal experiences. The war, so far as I can tell, is unique in its scope, stealth and breadth, and the prosecutors of this war upon the people of our Earth are ruthless, vicious, amoral and lawless.
Many of us who have been victims of specifically directed acts of hostility from the authorities who serve as henchmen for the Global Warlords — and here I am thinking of doctors and lawyers who have been subjected to professional strictures, complaints, have had to defend themselves in tribunals against charges that are ludicrously baseless — have nonetheless retained some measure of faith in the judicial system and in the fairness and common goodness of the System. There have been a few important victories, but for the most part the System has failed the cause of justice.