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The Oral Contraceptive Pill Causes Depression: More Proof.

...and researches provide a helpful definition of ‘women’

study drawing on data from nearly 265, 000 UK women has found that taking the oral contraceptive pill doubles the risk of experiencing symptoms of depression, during the first two years of use. And women who took the Pill in their teens but subsequently stopped, have an 18 per cent higher lifetime risk of depression than women who never used it. But you shouldn’t worry about that, because according to the authors of another recent study which helpfully defined women as “individuals assigned female sex at birth who identified as women”, oral contraceptive pill-takers whose mood crashes when they take the inactive pills in the pack, can solve this problem by just taking the hormonally active pills end-to-end, with no ‘pill pause’ to allow a withdrawal bleed. Genius!

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