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New Zealand Documentary Breaks the Grip of Authoritarian Vaccine Rule

Many Americans have been so focused over the past three years on the infringements by government agencies, employers, and schools on our way of life. The “medical emergency” declared and extended now by two HHS secretaries and supported by two precedents, have given unprecedented and unchecked powers to the Executive Branch. We have seen billions of dollars flow from the White House and HHS to private partners via the “COVID Community Corps” and this has extended the authoritarian mindset to large employers, universities, sports teams and Hollywood. These developments have distracted us from changes around the world. No better example of authoritarian rule going rogue is New Zealand. The beautiful country comprised of the North and South Islands, has taken one of the most draconian approaches to mass vaccination. By threatening “No Jab, No Job” Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has managed to force >90% into COVID-19 vaccination.

As a result, there are visible signs of vaccine injuries, disability, and death occurring as the effects of repeated injections set in. The film “Silent No More” gives an a horrifying real world depiction of the choreoathetosis or large oscillation involuntary movements.

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