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Magnesium Oil for Your Muscles

Magnesium is a genuine muscle relaxant, so it only makes sense that you can use it as a massage oil. Magnesium chloride supersaturated in water is called “magnesium oil“. It’s not really an oil, but it has a bit of an oily feel.

One massage therapist asked why some of her (mainly women) clients are so “very, very tight and sore, with little muscular fluidity.” She added, “And it’s hard and long work to get some elasticity into the muscles manually.” She wondered if magnesium deficiency is signified by tight adhered muscles. I told her that it is.

I get reports from massage therapists who use magnesium oil every day on their clients. They have great results with fibromyalgia, muscle cramps and muscle tension.

You should dilute the oil so that it doesn’t burn or tingle your skin. l spray my entire body with magnesium oil, and after thirty minutes have a shower.

Hippocrates Pure Food-Grade Magnesium Chloride (simply add water to make your own pure, no-additive magnesium oil) is available.