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Magnesium for Asthma

Research shows that many patients with asthma and other bronchial diseases are low on magnesium. Many drugs used in the treatment of asthma (bronchodilators, steroids, beta blockers) cause a loss of magnesium, only making symptoms worse. Patients treated with simple magnesium supplementation report marked improvement in their symptoms.

Both histamine production and bronchial spasms increase with magnesium deficiency. Calcium causes contraction in skeletal muscle fibers, and magnesium causes relaxation. When there is too much calcium and insufficient magnesium inside a cell, you can get sustained muscle contraction: twitches, spasms, even convulsions.

Smooth muscles directed by too much calcium and insufficient magnesium can tighten the bronchial tract, causing asthma, cause cramping in the uterus and painful periods, and cause spasms in blood vessels, resulting in hypertension.

Allergies are created when inhaled chemicals and toxins irritate membranes of the nasal passages. They can trigger symptoms of asthma, which is made worse by magnesium deficiency.

Magnesium is an excellent treatment for asthma because it is a bronchodilator and an antihistamine, naturally reducing histamine levels in the body. It has a calming effect on the muscles of the bronchial tubes and the whole body.

by Dr Carolyn Dean

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