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Magnesium and your bowels

Magnesium and Your Bowels

Magnesium can cause diarrhea when it’s not completely absorbed into your bloodstream. If it doesn’t make it into your blood, it ends up in your colon, where it has a laxative effect.

Here are a few strategies to stop magnesium from causing diarrhea:

01 Don’t take all of your magnesium at one time. Instead, have two or three smaller doses throughout the day, so that it doesn’t overwhelm your bowels. What’s not absorbed goes through your intestines as a laxative. If you have constipation, the laxative aspect of magnesium is beneficial. But if your bowels tend to be loose, sip your magnesium (in water) throughout the entire day.

02 Try taking your magnesium with meals. We are meant to derive magnesium from food, which slows down its absorption.

03 Give magnesium oil (which is simply magnesium chloride dissolved in water) a go. As a transdermal application, it’s a great alternative, because it bypasses your digestive system.

Magnesium Chloride is available. Is your bowel a Happy Bowel?