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Move Your Lymph

The heart pumps non-stop 24/7 for an entire lifetime, circulating blood. The lymphatic system is a specialized component of the circulatory system, but doesn’t have the advantage of a central pump. The flow inside the lymphatic vessels is unidirectional, because of one-way valves that prevent the lymph from travelling backwards. Lymph circulation depends largely on movement.

The blood brings nutrition and oxygen to the cells, and lymph removes the waste, debris, and disease components, such as viruses. The cells are bathed in lymphatic fluid. Fluid retention in the tissues suffocates the cells, so nutrients can’t get in and garbage accumulates.

Deep diaphragmatic breathing (10 minutes per day) is one of the best ways to circulating the lymph. Breath in slowly and deeply, pushing the belly out, and then let the breath go slowly and completely. The dramatic pressure variance caused by lung expansion and contraction moves the lymph and also allows the lymph to reenter the bloodstream at the subclavian veins at the base of the neck.

The RH-48 Rebounder is a great way to exercise. A simple gentle walk in place, without even lifting the feet off the rebounder, will suffice to circulate the lymph. At the top of the bounce, the body experiences a moment free of gravity, and at that time all of the one-way valves in the lymphatic vessels open to allow the fluid to move upward.

Any movement, such as walking, will circulate the lymph by muscle contraction. Even laughter works well to get the fluid in motion.