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Antidepressants Ineffective

Ulrich Hegerl, MD, of the University of Leipzig in Germany summarizes what current scientific studies have revealed regarding the efficacy of anti-depressant medication in treating mild depression. What does the research add up to? Nothing.

That’s right. Zero. Dr. Hegerl’s analysis included the review of eight separate random clinical trials, the sum of which “does not provide evidence for the efficacy of antidepressants in patients with minor depression.”

In his summary, the doctor concluded that while many do not consider mild depression to be a serious condition, it is marked by significant personal suffering and loss of quality of life, and increased risk of suicide. Dr. Hegerl declares, “Effective treatments are urgently needed.”

And Dr Hegerl doesn’t even mention drug toxicity. So, when feeling depressed, what can we do?

We can remember:

I’m in charge.

No one cares about your mental health as much as you do. Even if you don’t care about your health, you are still the only one rightly responsible for it. Consider helping professionals to be your employees. Their job is to serve you. You pay them for help and you are the one in charge. Do the research. Ask exhaustive questions. Take charge of your health! Don’t make anyone else responsible, as tempting as it may be to unburden yourself of the responsibility.

Consider depression a wakeup call.

Depression is a sign that something is amiss in your life, either physically or emotionally. Depression is simply the perception of a future in which you do not want to participate. If this is the case, what of it? Get specific about what is going on in your life. Write down the issues so you can see them clearly and create a plan to make improvements. Wake up! This is your life. If you take just a few minutes to think about what’s wrong, without making excuses, you can begin to make things right.

Learn to manage your mind.

We don’t learn how to manage our emotions in school. Most parents don’t know how to manage their own minds very well, so they can’t teach their children. In general, people just cruise through life on auto-pilot, not even realizing they have incredible potential to determine the quality of their inner life.

Your diet, and daily meditation, make a huge difference in managing your emotions. Follow Ann Wigmore’s RECIPES FOR LONGER LIFE. And the free Holosync Meditation Demo are available.