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Mercury Fillings Caused My Sugar Craving?

I lost my sugar craving overnight!

It’s no secret that I loved sweet foods. You could almost call it an addiction. I would almost always have a vegan dessert when eating out, and at home I would often have a box of Chocolunce vegan biscuits or some Sweet William vegan chocolate a few times a week. They say that we crave chocolate when we don’t feel the sweetness of life.

Just over three weeks ago I had two teeth removed. My dental health has been something I’ve ignored most of my life with drastic consequences. As a teenager, before going vegan, I had quite a few mercury fillings implanted. And, in later years, I’ve had a few teeth removed because of my lazy dental hygiene routine.

Anyway, three weeks ago, as soon as these latest teeth were removed, my sugar craving disappeared! Completely! I no longer had a desire to eat anything sweet. I wondered if the recently removed mercury fillings could have been the reason, so I googled it.

Initial reading showed that mercury poisoning has a long list of symptoms, from sugar craving to depression, anxiety, social phobia, etc. The list of symptoms read like a list of my fears!

The desire to eat sweet things has returned somewhat, but because I’m now over the initial hump, I’ve been able to maintain focus. And I’m also encouraged by my weight loss (the lightest I’ve been in a year), my muscle stamina and my mental balance.

I still have some mercury fillings remaining, and the only disappointment is the realisation that the fears and phobias I’ve battled all my adult life may have been caused by mercury poisoning. Thinking about that makes me quite angry. If it is true, than how dare a dentist ruin my life. My episodes of depression and social anxiety started in my teen years, and I’d hate to think that perhaps they could have been avoided. I would have become a completely different person without them!

By Harry Bolman, Currumbin, Q