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Good News For Your Eyes

There is good news for your eyes, and one day there will be further good news, when governments get out of our way and do the right thing. They will have to eventually, because there is a growing groundswell of support on this issue, and citizens will eventually prevail. But until then, victims will be left to the mercy of ophthalmologists, who often use deadly eye drops during procedures, and prescribe equally dangerous drugs for aftercare. Some of the side effects are:

  • retinal detachment (often in both eyes)
  • spontaneous tendon rupture
  • peripheral neuropathy
  • acute kidney failure
  • muscle, bone and joint problems

  • destruction of connective tissue
  • blood clots
  • seizures
  • bone and joint problems
  • severe eyesight problems, including blindness

These side effects explain why some people become dangerously ill, and even die of “unexplained causes”, after having “simple” treatments by an ophthalmologist. It also explains why these treatments, often repeated at the urging of the specialists, lead to the above side effects. Unfortunately, side effects can take time to surface, so victims don’t understand why they are so ill and ophthalmologists and Big Pharma don’t get the blame, or the lawsuits, they deserve.

To give an idea of the kind of drugs our ophthalmologists prescribe willy-nilly, one is so dangerous that 60-70% of people using them become seriously ill, and their irises, no matter the colour, turn black, never to return to their original colour! An ophthalmologist assured me these drops were safe. Apparently, he did not consider what else a drug so powerful that it can dye your irises might do to the rest of your body. My advice: don’t trust any of them, and bear in mind that Bausch and Lomb eye drops have been recalled due to contamination with black spots that may be printer’s ink.

Don’t be depressed. As promised, there is really good news and it will save your eyes and simultaneously eliminate the billions of dollars you, other taxpayers and insurance companies are squandering on “approved” treatments that don’t help, and frequently cause life-threatening, permanent damage. This simple cure will save people from the pain, expense and extreme danger of conventional treatments.

Because of huge publicity on this issue, you are probably way ahead of me now. This panacea is cannabis, an all-purpose medicine that has been known for decades to be the best treatment for glaucoma, for intractable pain, and for so many other health scourges that there isn’t room to list them all. It has been used with huge success for thousands of years, it does not make you “high”, and it is only illegal because of – you guessed it — the unholy trinity of Big Pharma, Big Medicine and Big Government.

These enormously wealthy, powerful agents of malevolence are united in their efforts to stop legalization. But no matter how many lies they tell and no matter how much money they spend trying to discredit this ancient, herbal medicine, they cannot suppress the truth forever. Cannabis is producing wonderful results around the world. Growing it and using it for healing will have to be legalized eventually, or millions will continue to suffer and die unnecessarily, and Medicare expenses will bankrupt us all.

Most European countries have legalized cannabis for medical use, and the USA finally gave in to extreme pressure and legalized it in more than twenty states, with more to follow. Australia, backward as usual, is fighting legalization with breathtaking stupidity: it is legal to use cannabis in Australia for medical use, but it is illegal to import it, or grow it, or sell it.. So, how are we expected to use it? We suggest you put this question to the politician of your choice..

And, while you are at it, remind him or her that cannabis is a powerful, all-purpose medicine that will take healthcare out of the grasp of Big Pharma and put it firmly where it belongs – in the hands of the people.. This is a reason politicians and governments are fighting legalization tooth and nail. Tell your “representatives” what YOU think!