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Stressful daily commute

Commute without Stress

Meditate before you go:

Meditation is the perfect stress reliever, and can help you set a calm mindset before you leave the house. Wake 30-60 minutes earlier to sit in solitude and set your intention for your commute. Get your free Holosync Meditation Demo.

Consider using public transport:

Driving to work makes us more stressed. Why? Because we feel out of control when traffic prevents us from getting to work. Catching a bus or train, however, requires you to give up control over your commute, so you’re less likely to be stressed by delays.

Switch on something slow:

Breakfast radio can be fast-paced and filled with shouting ads. Try listening to calmer tunes such as meditation tracks or even a talking book.


Chatting with others on your way to work can prove a distraction from hectic traffic. It’s also a win for the environment and means fewer cars on the road, which improves traffic flow.

Change your working hours:

Ask your boss if you can start work earlier or later to avoid rush hour. You may even be able to negotiate time at home, to give you a weekly break from commuting. If you explain to your manager that the aim is to reduce your stress levels, he/she may agree.

Try a more scenic route:

Forget the stop-start chaos and opt for a more chilled-out route to work. It might seem meandering, but you may find that it’s in fact a lot faster during rush hour to drive the back streets. And the scenery may help you relax a bit more.

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