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Juice for Health

When you juice, you can consume far more nutrients. You may want the rich benefits of kale. You could serve some with your dinner tonight, getting about a half-cup of the greens, or you could add kale to your blender and consume far more (as a smoothie) without feeling full. In addition, you could add carrots, cucumbers and parsley.

As a morning meal replacement or a snack midday, a smoothie or juice can help get your body in top condition.

When using a blender, the contents become a smoothie. When you use a juicer, you are missing out on much of the fiber found in the whole vegetables and fruits. In a smoothie, you get it all. Some people don’t like chunks or the thicker texture of veggie smoothies, while some people love them The bottom line is that both juices and smoothies are excellent for you, and either will work.

When juicing, it’s good to choose a leafy green vegetable; this should be the foundation of your juice or smoothie. Kale is good, but dark, and some prefer something a little smoother. Spinach is a great option too. Then, add what you like. Cucumbers offer great detoxifying benefits and plenty of water with little taste—they are a common addition to vegetable juices. Celery is another frequent fave. Herbs such as cilantro and parsley provide a clean, crisp flavour.

Get creative and have fun. Keep it organic when possible and add water, coconut water, or homemade almond milk (rather than dead store-bought juices) for any necessary liquid.

The Champion Juicer and the Vitamix Total Nutrition Center are available.