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Hydrochloric Acid and Me

A Hippocrates Digestive Compound user recently wrote,

I have been taking Hippocrates Digestive Compound (Hydrochloric Acid) with meals for the last six months. Before taking it, during the day and especially after meals I could feel tartar film on my teeth. I could literally scrape the muck off. Now that I take Digestive Compound, I don’t have any tartar on my teeth during the day. It is amazing. I have also noticed that I don’t feel as bloated after meals.

Hydrochloric acid (produced in the stomach) is vital to good digestion. It signals the pancreas and gallbladder to produce pancreatic enzymes and bile. Good health requires proper functioning of each component of the digestive system. Should any part become imbalanced, illness and disease soon follow. We associate ageing with degenerative diseases such as arthritis, diabetes, arteriosclerosis, heart disease, hypertension, etc. These diseases, which vary in manifestation and involved tissues, may all stem from a common cause — inadequate hydrochloric acid production. Age, stress and poor diet are three of the most common causes of hydrochloric acid deficiency.

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