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Bromelain for Your Health

Bromelain is an enzyme with many uses and health benefits. Enzymes are considered even more important functionally than vitamins and minerals. Without enzymes, food cannot be broken down into its constituent nutrients, and enzymes are needed for most cellular metabolic actions.

Bromelain, is a proteolytic enzyme found most abundantly in pineapple cores. Protease or proteolytic enzymes are needed to digest complete proteins, such as those found in meat.

Cooking meat destroys most of the enzymes needed to break down meat’s complete proteins into amino acids that the body can use.

This puts a strain on the pancreas to create more proteolytic enzymes for the small intestine to break down the meat proteins. That strain can potentially lead to pancreatic cancer. But what’s more likely, the diversion of breaking down meat proteins takes away other functions protease enzymes perform to keep or get you healthy.

Bromelain has many health benefits beyond digesting whole proteins. Complete proteins are hard to digest. That’s why only proteolytic enzymes work – they’re tough enough to crack those proteins open. And if they’re tough enough for that, they can help in other areas.

Bromelain can dissolve internal scar tissue created from inflammation. Besides calming the inflamed area, this also takes away hiding places for pathogens to lodge. Scar tissue that remains is like a breeding shelter that invites disease for long term visits.

Bromelain speeds up recovery from injuries and surgeries. It is recommended before and after any surgical procedure, including dental.

Since cancer cells are protected from the immune system’s white “killer” cells by a protein wall, any cancer treatment can be enhanced by adding bromelain.

Bromelain also breaks clots beginning to form among blood platelets. This is useful for anyone dealing with cardiovascular problems. These are all functions one can expect from a tough protease enzyme.

Bromelain is anti-viral and anti-bacterial. It can be used to help heal bronchitis and pneumonia. Bromelain enhances the immune system, and supports cytokine hormones manufactured in white blood cells.

Hippocrates Food Enzymes contain bromelain, papain, protease, lipase, amylase and cellulase.