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The Blending Book and Your Health

Ann Wigmore developed a simple and effective program to extract the maximum nutrients from foods without creating stress on the digestive system. By properly blending raw foods – that is, liquefying them – we can release more of the vital enzymes, vitamins, and minerals contained in them.

Ann Wigmore observed that our modern diet puts a tremendous burden on the digestive system. This burden, over the years, is responsible for creating numerous health disorders, from gastric-related problems to degenerative diseases. In addition – and just as important – the body’s ability to assimilate the very nutrients we rely on to carry out daily life-sustaining functions is diminished. In The Blending Book, Ann Wigmore offers us a proven system to improve our health easily and simply.

The Blending Book begins by examining the problems inherent in our way of eating. It looks at our diet, our eating habits, our internal structure, and our health problems. It then explains how blending can work to correct numerous ailments. By breaking down food outside the body, blending offers maximum nutrients with less internal effort. With digestive stress lessened, the body is then able to heal itself. This book offers dietary guidelines and detailed instructions on choosing blending equipment and using blending techniques. It also includes a wonderful collection of delicious kitchen-tested recipes.

Through the simple act of blending, you can take control of your health. In The Blending Book, you will find all you need to know to get started properly.