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Enzymes and Detoxification

Enzymes are powerful substances; they are responsible for initiating every action in the body, including blinking and breathing. As such, enzymes are often called our life force – because without them we would die. Enzymes are also responsible for helping us digest our food and breaking down and removing old and diseased tissue and cells from the body. But when our enzyme stores are low, diseased tissues and cells can remain inside the body – because enzymes aren’t available to help remove them.

Most diets these days are enzyme-depleted and, as a result, most people are enzyme-depleted. This means our bodies often can’t detoxify away the old, diseased tissue as they should be able to – and it leads to diseased people with health problems. Deep detoxification is one answer to the problem because detoxification removes old, diseased tissues and cells en masse – and it’s why detoxification is recommended for every disease. Another part of the answer lies in boosting our daily intake of enzymes. This helps our bodies engage in ongoing detoxification and remove the old, diseased cells and tissue before they accumulate and cause problems. Enzymes also give us life force and energy.

Eating plenty of nature’s raw foods is one way to boost your enzymes, and avoid depleting your enzyme reserves. This is the case because heating and processing food destroys the enzymes that are present in nature’s foods naturally. So, the more raw foods you eat with their enzymes intact, the less your body needs to borrow from its enzyme reserves for digestion. This leaves more enzymes free for work such as breaking down and removing old, diseased cells. Eating plenty of nature’s raw foods also helps us because if those foods are grown without chemicals, they don’t add to our toxic burden – as do processed, pesticide-laced and cooked foods.

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