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Detox and Disease

People who understand body cleansing also understand detoxification symptoms. Medical professionals understand the symptoms that make up what we call disease. But, the odd thing is that most detoxification symptoms are also the symptoms used to detect a disease.

If you think about that for a minute, what does it really tell you? The truth is: When we have a problem in the body, the body tries to detoxify itself to remove the problem. That is why we experience detoxification symptoms in the presence of a problem. Yet, your doctor will often call the presence of these symptoms the problem, without understanding what the body is trying to do about the problem.

It’s true: Detoxification symptoms often look like what we call disease.

They can take the form of fevers (toxins trying to leave through the skin), headaches (too many toxins in the bloodstream), acne (toxins trying to make it out through the skin), fatigue (toxins in the blood), sneezing (toxins trying to make their way out through your nose at high speed), coughing (toxins trying to get out of our lungs), vomiting (toxins leaving the body through the stomach), diarrhea (toxins exiting the body through the bowel), rashes (toxins attempting to leave through the skin)… The list really goes on and on.

When we see these symptoms, most people think that they are sick, even though it is by removing these toxins that our bodies are trying to make us well. In fact, most “swine flu” symptoms are actually detoxification symptoms. If you start looking at many disease symptoms through this new lens, you’ll be amazed at what you find.

When you understand this, the obvious answer to disease is to detoxify the body and help the body along with its natural disease elimination methods.

But most people don’t understand what detoxification symptoms are. So, when detoxification symptoms occur, much they head to a drug-oriented doctor, who also doesn’t understand detoxification symptoms. The doctor simply puts a medical label on the illness, and then prescribes a drug designed to halt the symptoms.

What those drugs really do, though, is stop the detoxification process and bury the toxicity (the original problem) in the body, where it will will inevitably reappear, often as another and more serious problem.

So, with drug therapies, you may feel better initially because you’ve stopped the detoxification process, but you’ll feel worse later. Actually, you’ll likely become the target of more serious diseases, without understanding how you and your doctors played a role in the process.

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