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Detoxification or Amputation?

When patients’ bodies have been showing signs that detoxification is needed, doctors have been prescribing a drug that can lead to tissue damage to the degree that amputation is then the next step. The USFDA hasn’t called for the elimination of this treatment, but recently said that a stronger label is needed to let consumers know that this drug, (Promethazine, used to stop vomiting), could lead to the eventual amputation of their limbs.

What they don’t mention is that vomiting is one way your body removes harmful substances from itself. You’d be wise to understand what’s going on and help your body remove those substances, instead of taking drugs to stop the process and keep whatever poisons your body wants to remove inside your body. You’d be particularly wise not to keep those poisons in your body with prescribed chemicals that might damage your limbs to the point that they’re no longer useful.

There’s something about detoxification that medical folks just don’t get.

It’s almost as if they really believe that people can just eat pesticides at every meal, while consuming hundreds of chemicals each week, and then slapping on their bodies hundreds more chemicals regularly – and that everything is just fine with this. After a certain amount of time, when problems show up from this kind of abuse, it seems beyond their comprehension that removing those poisonous substances from the body would actually be a good idea.

Even when your body tries to remove poisons on its own, doctors think it’s a bad idea. So, they’ve been giving their patients chemicals designed to stop a natural detoxification process that your body will call upon when it really needs to get something out. But these chemicals effectively keep the problem in the body and now they’re being shown to cause some serious damage, too.

Think about what substances are known to make people vomit. Chemotherapy, perhaps? Patients on chemo vomit because their body is trying to remove those poisons. Too much alcohol? Tainted food? Same thing.

Now, think about what Poison Control Centers recommend if you accidentally swallow poisons. Generally, they recommend that you vomit. They recommend you do so to remove those substances from your body.

With the tissue and limb-damaging drugs in question, medical doctors are essentially saying, “No, keep those poisons in your body, and let us give you a few more to go with them.”

But, it’s not just this drug that’s doing this. Many drugs simply stop your body’s natural detoxification processes, which fool you into thinking they are making you well when nothing could be further from the truth.

The truth is, medicos probably don’t know what they’re doing with this. Medical professionals are taught drug “therapies,” and very little about nutrition or how the body works on a grand scale to eliminate toxins or poisons. These days, detoxification, nutrition, and consciously avoiding known poisons should be a focus of anyone you trust regarding your health. Unfortunately, these days, poisons have become almost ubiquitous with living. Many you can avoid with conscious living, but many you can’t. And you really should know how to get them out.

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