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Detoxification is Essential

Changes in the brain happen when eating large amounts of junk food, and junk food can be as addictive as cigarettes or heroin. However, there’s a solution that makes getting off junk foods much easier. Not surprisingly, the same solution is also effective for those breaking other addictive habits, such smoking or alcohol. This solution is simply to detoxify your body to remove the remnants of the addictive substances that linger inside. Detoxification is key because those remnants are causing the cravings. Therefore, by removing them, you can end the cravings, and make upgrading your diet much easier.

One important thing to understand about food cravings is that we crave what’s already inside us – and crave what we’re used to eating. So, if you’re used to eating pizza and meat pies regularly, you’ll crave them. It’s because small particles of previous meals are still in your body.

A look at other addictive habits, such as smoking and drugs, offers more insight into what the body craves. Put it this way: a heroin addict doesn’t crave heroin before he’s tried it. He only craves it because particles of it remain in his body. The same applies for cravings of cigarettes. Nobody has ever craved a cigarette before first smoking one. People only crave cigarettes after the chemicals and molecules from them are already inside the body. When, through detoxification, you remove the molecules that are causing the cravings, you can effectively end the cravings.

Training of the taste buds is one reason to start infants and children out on healthy diets based around foods from nature – because you’re essentially mapping their taste buds. However, if your taste buds have started heading in the wrong direction, either in early childhood or later in life, it is possible to reprogram them and start enjoying nature’s foods again. And this starts with deep detoxification.

There are many ways to detoxify your body. A common one includes spending four or five days drinking only large quantities of freshly squeezed juices, while having daily enemas. Especially if taste is stopping you from upgrading your diet, use only your favourite fruits and vegetables in your juices to be sure you enjoy them – and drink as much as you like. Flooding your body with the nutrition of fresh juice, while colon cleansing, can wipe away the immediate remnants that cause many food cravings. This, of course, makes switching to a natural diet and dropping junk foods much easier.

To completely cleanse your body from decades of junk food eating and chemical-oriented habits can require much more in the way of detoxification. But, even this brief beginning can be enough to put an end to many addictive cravings. However, don’t be disappointed if you need to detoxify your body in this manner several times before you can completely upgrade your diet and drop junk foods entirely. You’ll make progress each time, and progress is far more important than perfection.

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