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Getting a Promotion

Ask the person who can give you a promotion exactly what you must do to get the promotion.

The person with this power is looking for ways to advance his career. Make yourself his #1 means of advancing his career.

Go to the person privately. Tell him straight that you want a specific promotion. Tell him why. Make it clear that you are willing to do anything to get the promotion, so long as it is ethical.

Be ready to do what you say.

Be specific. You want a particular assignment. You don’t want a promotion, any promotion. You want this promotion. Be ready to provide specific answers as to why you are the right person for the position.

What if someone else holds the job? Then try to find a niche position close to it, but not a threat to the person. You don’t want to create a threat. You want to create a career niche.

Essentially, this is a sales pitch. Be ready with a major benefit. Remember: The power of the offer is the heart of the ad.

Don’t demand an immediate answer. Give the person a specific time limit to think it over. Two weeks should be sufficient.

Don’t say you will quit if he says no. But from the day he does, start making plans to move – either out from under your boss or out of the company.

Don’t make the request until you have trained a replacement. You must lower his cost of granting you your promotion.