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In a rare win, the World Health Organisation has backed down on proposed International Health Regulation amendments for compulsory vaccination and lockdowns. It is a win yet the pandemic treaty, that would do the same thing again, is still waiting in the wings.


This week represents a rare victory for Australian sovereignty.

A victory for common sense, decency and humanity.

And a victory against the sprawling monster of unelected, unaccountable foreign bureaucrats at the World Health Organisation.

You will recall the WHO proposed to change their health regulations that guide member states in the event of a disease outbreak, like COVID, from guiding member states to being mandatory on member states, including Australia.

This would have represented a complete destruction of Australian sovereignty, and a fundamental re-imagining of the powers of the World Health Organisation.

Last December the Liberal/National Morrison Government voted in favour of these changes, yet many sensible countries voted against, and the proposal was lost.

Undaunted the World Health Organisation tried again this year.

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