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Chronic Back Pain

Chronic Pain

I am 35 years old.

I started my big pharma injuries in 2007 when i had my first back surgery after rupturing several discs. I was on hydrocodone for back pain from 2007 to 2012, i did ok with my back and my health till 2012 i was able to mostly maintain a healthy weight.

So IN 2012 i ruptured several more discs and had 2 more surgeries, one leaving me with a dreadful spine infection that almost killed me. I had to be put on a wound vac for 6 month’s while my 8″ long incision healed from the spine out, that whole 6 months

I was on steroids and antibiotics. My diet did NOT change, but i gained over 100lbs and developed diabetes/insulin resistance, high BP, goiter disease, hypothyroidism, and had debilitating migraines.

I’m now on 7 different medications for my health problems. It did not take long for me to wake up and figure out that big pharma was NOT the way to go, because i felt absolutely miserable on these medications.

In August of 2013 i started a healthful lifestyle and i have NEVER went back. I stopped talking all my meds within 2 weeks and have dropped now 160lbs, I have reversed ALL my health issues. I still stay in horrible pain with my back and crps type 2. But praise God I don’t deal with all that other stuff any longer. I hope this gave someone the courage they needed to take that first step. God bless.

Ps incase you weren’t aware the extended use of steroids causes diabetes/insulin resistance