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Icon Cancer Centre on the Gold Coast

27 Radiation Treatments

My 91 year old father was diagnosed with cancer in his lymph glands of one side of his groin.

He had 27 radiation treatments to the area which was meant to be targeted. He was in agony afterwards and lost his quality of life, with painful uncontrollable bowel motions due to the radiation burning inside his bowels. Even when he was admitted to hospital with this pain they whisked him off for his final radiation treatment without consulting him or the family!

Beware of over-radiation, as they make money each time. They were not checking on how he was actually going before they hit him with another lot.

Two of his doctors have differing views on his prognosis now. One says they killed all the Merkel cell carcinomas and he is completely over it. Then another doc a few hours later,ly busily explained to me how his cancer would progress and eventually kill him.

A terrible experience from Icon Cancer Centre on the Gold Coast.