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What is Your Relationship with Food?

Think about your food as a source of nutrition and energy, instead of something to relieve stress or to be avoided. It may seem hard at first, but you can change the way you feel as you improve your eating habits.

Don’t Diet

Binge eating might have made you gain weight, as it does for a lot of people. But trying to cut calories or not eating certain kinds of foods can trigger overeating, and that can make it harder for you to recover from the disorder. It can lead to a cycle of dieting and bingeing that’s hard to break. Make healthy changes to your diet and lifestyle a way of life — not a fad diet. (Of course, we have long followed and recommended our Hippocrates Pogram. (link)

Have Regular Meals

Don’t skip meals. Being very hungry can make you more likely to overeat. It also ups the odds you’ll choose foods that are high in fat, carbs and sugar, which can trigger a binge. It’s important to eat breakfast every day, too. A healthy morning meal can help curb hunger all day long. Choose healthy foods for meals and snacks. You’ll get nutrients that your body needs. You might also feel fewer cravings for unhealthy foods that make you want to overeat. Healthful choices include fruits, vegetables, sprouts, and activated nuts and seeds.

Keep Cravings Out of Sight

Don’t stock your fridge and pantry with foods high in sugar or fat, or with other treats that make you want to overeat. Just having them around can start a binge. Also, keep less food — even the healthy kind — in your home while you’re recovering. Since most people tend to binge in private, keep only as much food as you need for a short period. That can give you less of a chance to binge.

Seek Support

The way you think about food and act around it can be “contagious,” research shows. That’s why it’s smart to spend time with friends and family members who are healthy eaters. Don’t fall into the trap of eating alone – you may be more likely to binge. However, you might want to avoid people who make negative comments about your eating or your weight.

Find Healthy Ways to Manage Stress

Many people binge because it makes them feel less stressed, at least in the short term. You might not be able to avoid stress, but you can practice healthy ways to relax. Exercise, meditation or a phone call with a friend can soothe you and help ease the urge to overeat. Make healthful eating your way of life.