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All you people who got the jab ’cause you fell for the lies and the TV blab don’t be fooled this time around. Everybody knows what’s going down.

“…Health officials and media are making a major propaganda push for people to get THREE JABS this fall: a brand new covid shot (which has not gone through any reported trials for safety or efficacy at all), the latest flu shot, and the newly unveiled RSV vaccine, which comes with very concerning safety data from the trials.”

“Six people in the RSV vaccine trial group developed Guillain-Barre syndrome or other neurological complications, compared to zero in the placebo group – but the ‘numbers are too small to draw any conclusions,’ so they’ll be trying it out on the population to find out for sure whether it really causes these devastating problems. For pregnant women, there was a significant increase in premature births and neonatal deaths among those who received the RSV shots in the trials…”

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