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Natural D3 Success Story

Last week I had a blood test to check my Vitamin D level. I have been taking the Hippocrates Natural Vitamin D3 capsules for ninety days, and for the first time the levels rose to a decent level. The doctor was delighted. I told her this must be because I have been taking Hippocrates D3.

I have read many times that it’s not at all uncommon for the content of dietary supplements to contain doses less than those indicated on the label.

I can only assume that the other D3 capsules I was taking previously didn’t have the indicated amount, or had an additive that inhibited absorption. (I believe is the case with many supplements.)

I have encouraged three of my family members to start taking your capsules, and I plan to spread the word further.

So hooray for the integrity of Hippocrates!

Angela Johnson,
Narrabeen, NSW

Hippocrates Natural Vitamin D3 is available.