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My Vitamin D3 Success Story

I’m 67. For genetic reasons, I’m concerned about prostate cancer and osteoporosis. So, although I do get sun every day, I decided, with my GP’s guidance, to have the 25(OH)D blood test.

I was surprised to find that my nmol/l level was only 60. I then, for three months, took 5000 IU of Hippocrates Natural Vitamin D3 every day. As a result, I’m feeling calmer and more energetic, and my sensitive digestion appreciates the fact that Hippocrates D3 contains D3 and olive oil only — no additives or fillers.

My second blood test – three months after the first – showed my nmol/l at 150. Of course, I’m very pleased. My doctor has recommended that I remain at 5000 IU every day for the next six months, then have another blood test.

Hippocrates Natural Vitamin D3 is available.