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Kids Need Vitamin D

Love your baby or grandchild? Do the little rugrat a favor – take him/her outside.

Two new studies show that children are deficient in vitamin D the moment they’re born, and it only gets worse from there.

One study in “Pediatrics” finds up to 58% of all infants lack vitamin D at birth. Another study finds that few American infants – as little as 5% – get the minimum levels they need each day.

And where are the pediatricians on this? They’re too busy pushing flu shots on kids to give them what they really need: Only a small percentage of our babies are getting a vitamin D supplement.

No wonder our kids are so sickly!

Here’s just a little taste of what they’re missing: Researchers gave Japanese schoolchildren either a D supplement or a placebo, and found the kids who got the D were 58% less likely to get the flu. They also had a lower risk of colds and even asthma, according to the study in “The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition”.

That’s right – forget those flu shots. All your kid really needs is a daily dose of D.

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