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© Wayne Slack

Grander Water Technology was discovered more that 45 years ago by a natural inventor, Johan Grander of Austria.

Grander believed in natural processes, studying all aspects of nature, most importantly energy and water and their relationship.

Grander soon realized that the sun and moon had a direct influence on our bodies, our water, and all living things.

The sun and moon Energy is essential to all life.

Albert Einstein wrote a century ago that our bodies are receivers and transmitters of all natural energy.

Every living thing, including water, is an antenna of this energy. Without it we do not survive.

Energy from the sun and moon impact both your quality of health and the quality of your water.

The hydrological cycle takes our polluted water up into the sky via evaporation and sends it back via precipitation (Rain).

This polluted water is subjected to natural frequency/energy in the atmosphere.

The frequency/energy changes the water back to the original structure, ensuring the water molecules are realigned in their formation.

According to Professor Gerald Pollack at The University of Washington, USA:

“Natural restructuring makes water less chaotic, aligning molecules, thus enhancing energy transfer”

This water now has an improved energy transfer: “The Antenna Effect”

This means it passes energy more readily from molecule to molecule:

water talking to other water, communication by frequencies transfer

Most importantly this newly restructured water now has more available oxygen.

Professor Pollack stated “The better the structure, the more available oxygen.”

A simple analogy of how important structure can be is:

·     Push a sponge flat into a bucket of water, then pull it out.

·     It is now full of water.

·     Squeeze and squash the same sponge into a ball.

·     Tie it with a piece of string.

·     Push it back into the bucket of water.

·     How much water did it pick up this time?

·     How much oxygen did the sponge lose when it was in a ball?

When you changed the sponge structure, you change the way it works. This is similar to water.

Structured Water enables:

·     Energy transfer (antenna effect)

·     More available oxygen.

·     Improved ability to dissolve.

Structured Water, having more available oxygen, improves our immune system.

Thus, the more available oxygen in water, the greater the number of aerobic (typically good) bacteria, at work, “which reduces pollution up to 91% compared to anaerobic at 45% (typically bad bacteria).

This following chart demonstrates the importance of this essential fact of life.

Typically Good Aerobic Bacteria Zone (2ppm Oxygen or more) which are 91% efficient at eating up pollution

Above this line 

The neutral zone is a mixture of Aerobic an Anaerobic, between 1.5ppm to 2ppm of oxygen.

Below this line 

Typically Bad Anaerobic Bacteria Zone (1.5ppm oxygen or less) which are 45% Efficient at eating up pollution

The most important fact is that aerobic and anaerobic bacteria will not live in each other’s zones. Therefore, if you increase or decrease the level of oxygen, you will change the type of bacteria at work.

Example: If you add a probiotic food to a human body lacking in oxygen, the probiotic would be of little use, because the probiotic would return to anaerobic bacteria (typically bad).

Oxygen availability is the key to all life, therefore the more PERMANENTLY your water remains structured the greater the beneficial effect it has on your immune system.

Man-made water treatments use filters and chemicals. Nature uses energy/frequencies from the Sun, Moon and other natural energies to clean water biologically. Some filters and all chemicals stop water biologics from working efficiently.

This happens in all water bodies from the human body to the atmosphere, from your drinking water to your swimming pool.

Chemicals reduce water energy by de-structuring water, like any other pollutant.

This negatively affects the molecule alignment, producing a chaotic state of water, reducing available oxygen.

This is why every living thing and every body of water should be considered as if it were a compost bin. (biologically speaking.)

Compost bins break down matter (pollution) using oxygen and bacteria. The more oxygenated the bacteria, the more efficiently it breaks down matter (pollutant).

The human body, animals, town water, tank water, springs, dams, rivers, bores (and especially the atmosphere), all use bacteria to cleanse pollution. The more available oxygen, the more effective the cleansing.

The energy and structure of water is damaged by excess unprocessed pollution (not biologically broken down or removed) caused by excessive chemicals and lack of oxygen, creating anaerobic conditions.

To protect our health, our environment, and our biological system that nature created, we must protect the energy and the structure of water by firstly understanding what is meant by energy and structure.

This natural progression of events that must happen in the environment, as well as our bodies.

ENERGY:                            Sun, Moon and other natural energies

STRUCTURE:                     Is achieved by energy

AVAILABLE OXYGEN:       Is achieved by water structure

EFFECTIVE BIOLOGICS:   Is achieved by aerobic conditions

POLLUTION/MATTER:        Is reduced effectively by aerobic bacteria

RESULTS = Clean atmosphere, clean rain water, clean waterways, clean bodies.

(All of the water at Hippocrates Health Centre – drinking, bathing, pool, garden, everything – is filtered and energised by Grander.)