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The Greatest and Most Damaging Fraud in History

The Great Covid Panic’ by Colin M Barron is an always accurate, sometimes savage look at the greatest and most damaging fraud in history.

Most people who have been following the twists and turns of the fake pandemic, the over marketed flu known as covid-19 and the useless and toxic covid-19 vaccine will know the name Dr Colin M Barron.

His wonderful videos on YouTube and then on Brand New Tube regularly informed and entertained thousands before they were hacked or removed. And his books are always well worth reading and make valuable additions to any personal library. (Sadly, the few public libraries which still exist seem to be more interested in DVDs than books.) Like most of us who shared the truth with the world, Dr Barron was subjected to a continuing barrage of abuse. He explains how he was `verbally abused by people who had no relevant qualifications, including a hairdresser, a plumber and a joiner’. 

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