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The Covid Lawsuit Australia Has To Have

Australian politicians & political parties will Never conduct truly critical Inquiries or properly empower any Covid Royal Commission to do so .. to do so would reveal their legal liability.

For several years now many excellent Substacks continue to bring us all the science to show how virtually every aspect of the Covid era takes on the appearance of one massive set-up and crime against humanity: the stacks of Arkmedic, Kevin McKernan’s Nepetalactone NewsletterUnacceptable JessicaIan Brighthope’s SubstackMaryanne Demasi, reportsCourageous Truth, and Dystopian Down Under are just a few of so many.

What about those crimes then?

Has anyone lifted a finger yet to go after those responsible .. the ‘perps’ .. those complicit in the planning and execution of this most monstrous betrayal of humankind?

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