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Is ADHD a biologically-based neurodevelopmental disorder or the poster-child for psychiatric fraud?

According to psychiatrists, ADHD is “a neuro-developmental disorder, characterised by developmentally inappropriate levels of inattention, hyperactivity and impulsiveness”. Remarkably, given that children follow the same neurodevelopmental trajectory no matter where they are born, the global prevalence of ADHD varies widely, from 2 per cent to 7 per cent. In the US, roughly 9 per cent of children have been “diagnosed” with ADHD at some point in their lives.

Throwing children into the “wastebasket diagnosis” of ADHD does absolutely zero to address any of these underlying drivers of behaviour. Even worse, being diagnosed with ADHD is frequently a one-way ticket on the stimulant drug train, which for many kids, ends up being a journey straight to hell…

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