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Mindfulness Exercises

Stop and feel gratitude for one thing in your life. First, think about it in detail. Pause and place your left hand on your heart to feel it. Literally breathe it in, feel your heartbeat and see if you can notice it energize (because it will, whether you are conscious of it or not).

What this does: We are a society driven by “what’s next.” We pass from thing to thing without taking the time to notice what we have accomplished or the big/little things that were important along the way. One minute of this focused and grateful consideration can change the direction of your whole day. There is so much more good in our lives than we allow ourselves to see. See it!

Pause 3-5 times today and take note of how you are breathing. As you are doing this ask yourself: Am I holding my breath? Is it shallow or deep? Is it tight or flowing? Find the words to really name how your breath feels.

What this does: Our breath is everything. Obviously, without it – we don’t exist Breathing constricts during stress or tension, which cuts off the natural flow of oxygen to the brain, and therefore influences every part of your body. Your breath is life. How are you choosing to live it?

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